Full Service Solar Solutions that are Built to Mitigate Risk for the Life of Your Project

RESCo is a licensed electrical contractor and consulting engineering firm with in-house electricians, engineers, foremen and professional solar installers. We design and build investment grade solar projects for building owners and solar developers in the commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

Built to Mitigate Risk
A Single Point of Accountability
Our ability to directly control safety, quality and production schedules due to in house labour means that RESCo projects are truly built to mitigate risk™.
24/7 Service
Managing and Optimizing Your Asset
Our operations and maintenance services are crafted to care for your solar assets and help you get the most production out of your system.
Roofing Services
Prepare and Maintain Your Roof
Our strategic partnership with Flynn Canada, the largest roofing contractor in the country, results in top notch services for your building.

Recent Projects

120 Solar Inc.
500.08kW, Toronto. Saw-tooth installation. Nominated for CanSIA’s PV Project of the Year,
Large Grocery Chain
424kW, Kitchener, Ontario. 1 of 33 RESCo projects across Ontario under this portfolio.
Sunny Day Energy 3
726.9kW, Toronto. One of the largest rooftop solar projects in Canada. Part of 5MW portfolio.